Why Ocean Treats

Who are we?

Ocean Treats is a professionally managed F&B company in Singapore that owns Seafood and Drink stalls in coffee shops. Ocean Treats also offers high quality yet affordable catering services. We have an efficient centralized kitchen managed by our experienced Master Chef.

What makes Ocean Treats stalls popular?

The coffee-shop industry in Singapore has existed for over a century. Most of the players in this industry are mom and pop shops. Though they do a great job in serving delicious food, they haven’t been able to expand or scale up their businesses. Our management teams, experienced in different aspects of Coffee shop industry, came together to change this scenario and bring it at par with any other organized industry.

We have been able to organize the coffee shop market with our vision and the following innovations:

  • Centralized kitchen
  • Just in time supply of Fresh vegetables, seafood and meat
  • Highly experienced management team
  • Great consistent taste

In the near future we plan to further expand on our initial success with this business model and bring about higher efficiencies of productions.