Our Infrastructure

We own over 13 Seafood and Drink stalls at various coffee shops across Singapore. These outlets are served by a state-of-the-art central infrastructure.


Centralised Kitchen

Our modern and well-equipped centralized kitchen facility is the main reason behind our success in such a short span. It is an integral part of our operations. Our kitchen has the latest food processing gadgets that build efficiency into our operations besides giving us the capability to handle large catering volumes and hikes in demand during holidays and festive seasons such as the Chinese New Year. We have requisite cooling and refrigeration facilities to maintain freshness of the ingredients. We have ample storage facilities.

Supply Chain

Our promoters with their vast experience have built excellent business relationships with the region’s leading suppliers of fresh vegetables, seafood and meat. We have large refrigeration and freezer facilities for storage and cooled vans to transport semi-cooked and raw food items across our stalls. We manage to get ‘just-in-time’ supply of all raw materials thanks to our understanding with vendors in the industry

Centralized Cooking

Most coffee shops cook major part of the food at the coffee shop itself. This creates issues in efficiency cleanliness etc… Our promoters thought of introducing centralized cooking to coffee shop business and improve our productivity. We perform the following operations in the centralized kitchen

  • Basic food processing
  • Cutting and chopping of vegetables and meat
  • Preparation of important sauces and pickles under the supervision of our master chef in order to maintain consistent taste and quality across our outlets
  • Quality control for all ingredients prepared in the central kitchen


We have our own cooled vans that take the supplies from our centralized kitchen to our outlets at a short notice. This helps us to preserve the freshness of the food that we serve. Our vans are on a high alert as sometimes, the stocks at our centres deplete rapidly and need to be replenished.

Quality and Safety

We have strict quality control measures within our premises. We believe that food is a very sensitive business that is directly linked to people’s lives. We undertake random checks of all ingredients to assess their freshness and usability.

We encourage all our personnel to work with the right safety gear throughout production. We adhere to all statutory safety and hygiene guidelines.

Our Master Chef and management teams exercise a stringent quality control on the taste, freshness and quality of ingredients.