About Us

Who are we?

Ocean Treats is a professionally managed F&B company in Singapore that owns Seafood and Drink stalls in coffee shops. Ocean Treats also offers high quality yet affordable catering services. We have an efficient centralized kitchen managed by our experienced Master Chef.

Our promoters:

Ocean Treats was founded in 2010 by three Entrepreneurs with solid experience in the F&B industry. They have successfully owned Seafoo d and Drinks stalls across various Food Courts and Coffee Shops in Singapore. They have experience in managing entire coffee-shop establishments. Their rich experience in this industry brings a keen understanding of Singapore’s coffee shop market and the challenges faced by all players.

Our promoters decided to add value and enhance the coffee-shop experience and give their customers a restaurant-like treatment.

Our philosophy:

We strongly believe that coffee shop customers are the backbone and chief benefactors of Singapore’s thriving F&B industry. Therefore, they deserve to get much better attention in terms of quality and service. Coffee shops in Singapore are patronized by simple working class people who treat their neighbourhood coffee shop as an integral part of their day-to-day life. We respect this great tradition of serving tasty food, at times tastier than restaurants, to the masses and making their life affordably easier.

We are driven by the passion to bring the advantages of modern technology, professional management and stringent quality control to our outlets and build brand loyalty through serving our customers extremely well.

Our mission:

We want to be recognized as an ‘industry leader’ that leads the movement of improving the quality of Singapore’s coffee shops and food courts. Our mission is to bring the same quality standards and professional management techniques used by successful restaurant chains to our chain of coffee-shop outlets. We would like to serve the common man by always keeping our prices within an affordable range.

How we work:

Our day starts at 6 AM at our centralized kitchen where supplier vans arrive with fresh supplies of veggies, seafood and meat. After unloading the stuff, our cooks get into action under the able guidance of our Master Chef. They daily prepare the sauces used in our special recipes. Sauces are the soul of Chinese cooking! This controlled production of sauces gives a consistent taste to our food no matter which stall you order it from. The vans start going to and from our various stalls with basic sauces and other chopped ingredients.

Our team

We have a team of over 200 personnel working in our group. They are regularly trained for the latest quality and safety standards in the industry.

Our team is led by our Master Chef, Mr. Woe from Malaysia. He is the mastermind behind our unique and tasty recipes. We also have an able team of managers and supervisors who look after the business operations by providing adequate guidance and support to our teams.